2013 Community Leadership Training

Become a Volunteer Ambassador!

Volunteer by digging into your community and become the best leader you can be. If you’re ready to take your Neighborhood Game to the next level, and to take your leadership to the next level become a Volunteer Ambassador. Becoming a Volunteer Ambassador is not necessary for planning a Neighborhood Game, but if you’re a fan of Playing for Keeps, this is for you!

Step #1: Connect with a local P4K Hub

Contact your local P4K Hub and let them know you’d like to be a Volunteer Ambassador. They will partner with you and guide you through your journey. Find your local P4K Hub here!

Step #2: Sign Up for Training

Do you want practical event planning, communications, leadership and community engagement skills? Do you want this training from engaged experts in the field? George Brown College provides a free four day Community Leadership Training program for Volunteer Ambassadors. Find out more by watching the video above! 

Sign up through your local P4K Hub by letting them know you'd like to be a Volunteer Ambassador (see link in Step #1 to find your local P4K Hub). Once you've connected with your local P4K Hub, head over to this Registration Page

Step #3: Put your knowledge and Energy into Action!

Planning a Neighbourhood Game is what it's all about - Follow our easy steps here.

Step #4: PLAY! 



Most valuable Ambassador - Stories of Success

MVA Sophie Kroesen
“The most unexpected thing was that way more people came to my event than I thought would. We ended up counting over 150 in the 2 hours that the Community RelationSHIP event ran. The other unexpected thing I experienced was how absolutely amazing it felt to watch all the people from my community, some I knew, some I didn’t – have fun together without any regard for any of the differences that can so often divide communities.

During my event a man told me how the Community RelationSHIP event I organized affected his life. That particular day his son picked up a dandelion and made a wish that today would be the day they got to go on the boat. When they came to the boat they couldn’t believe that the boat was open for members of the community to come onboard, interact and play with each other. He told me that this community event made his son’s wish come true. I have been inspired to create a full community game and a winter one – the planning is already in the works!”

MVA Nicole Czerwinkski
I’m very grateful to have had the chance to be part of the Playing for Keeps training.  It was a wonderful opportunity for me to first learn about event planning, leadership, communication and civic engagement, and then put all those new skills into action! The training weekends at GBC were a blast, and I am thankful for all the time and energy the organizers and professors invested for us. I felt very well taken care of.

I organized my Neighbourhood Game through my hub, North York Community House. I often had to stretch my comfort zone, but I couldn’t be happier about the outcome. Not only did everyone enjoy themselves, but I have since been able to feel more connected to the people in my neighbourhood. 

I have gained an appreciation for the beauty and simplicity of community building through shared activity. I’m more passionate than ever about promoting healthy and active living, and hopefully I can inspire others to step up.

MVA Russell Tuling
Russell is originally from South Africa. He hosted a Neighbourhood Game called “Great Canadian Conversations” in an effort to encourage newcomers to get involved in the community. Newcomer participants were matched with Canadian volunteers in a game about Canadian trivia.

"It's been an incredible and most memorable experience! I've learned a lot about important areas that affect the community – leadership, event management, citizenship and civic engagement, and communications. I've been inspired to collaborate and participate in some Neighbourhood Games so far and plan to join in on some more in the near future!"

MVA Audley Cummings
“As an example, Audley C. was an Ambassador who trained in the previous year and ran his active games in May of 2013.  He indicated that his experience was an eye opener as there were many people, living within a block of his home, that he had never met. During the event he talked to people and found many had similar interests, including two who were actually in the same course as him at the same Community College.  One of the two individuals he met is also into track and field and this has reactivated his interest in the sport.  He and Bert W. have now become training partners (distance runners) and they will likely travel together to school once classes restart.  All this would not have happened without the opportunities for them to interact through the Playing for Keeps program.”