Become a Community Leader

2013 Community Leadership Training

Becoming a P4K Community Leader is a great way build your leadership skills, make new connections, and get involved in your community.

Getting started is simple:

Step #1: 

Contact your local P4K Champion organization (they’re listed here) and let them know that you would like to be a P4K Community Leader.

Step #2: 

Sign up for Leadership Training through your P4K Champion organization. This two-day (one weekend) session provided by George Brown College will help you build skills in event planning, community engagement, and — of course — leadership. 

Step #3: 

Plan fun Neighbourhood Games in your community, follow our easy steps here. And then tell us about them here. Be sure to check in with your P4K Champion organization to find out how you can access a grant of up to $50 to put towards your event.  

Step #4: PLAY!